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    Posted by: -=Dumbledore=-
    Posted on: 13/04/2014 17:47
    Title: Registrations Closing!!!

    Dear Maniacs,

    We are closing the registrations once we reach the 2500+ Members mark any time after that we will close the registrations of the site, so members tell your friends to join on the site after registrations closed the only way to register on the site is INVITE. We will give invites like following way...

    Member = 2 Invites, Uploaders = 3 Invites, Staff = 4 Invites.

    Remember if you miss use the invite you will get ban from the site along with inviter and receiver to. We find that some members are having two accounts if you genuinely come forward and cancel your DUPLICATE account other wise both the accounts will be get PERMANENT BANNED.

    Note : Seedbonus are working if you start seeding after download per hour you will get 2 points for a torrent, so if you start seeding 5 torrents per hour you will get 10 points, If you seed 24 hours you will get 240 Points with this seedbonus you can buy upload credit.

    Members who intrested to be staff member please click on this D3SIM Moderator Application



    Golden Rule's

    General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!

    Torrenting is a system of give and take, seeding and leeching - Please try to make sure you are uploading back the data you download, whether it be through prolonged seeding or uploading content of your own. Try to seed back at decent speeds. Please see the Ratio section of the rules for specifics.

    Respect Staff - Staff decisions are final. Arguing about our decisions is hazardous for your account.They have enough experience, are knowledgable and always have a reason for their actions. If you disagree with a staff member discuss it privately and courteously. Arguing with or being disrespectful towards staff will not be taken lightly.

    Read the rules carefully - Staff will enforce them at all times. Excuses that you didn't know a rule existed will not work. In most cases a staff member will point out the rules you are breaking. If you do not stop, more drastic measures may be taken. If you feel a rule is ambiguous or unclear feel free to contact Staff for an explanation.

    One account per person per lifetime - Duplicate accounts are absolutely forbidden on this tracker! One person - one account, one IP address ONE account! - automated duplicate IP detection system is in place. This means that you should be extra careful when it comes to maintaining your account here at HD Torrents in accordance with our rules.

    Use proper avatars - Avatars must not exceed 500 kb or be taller than 300px. Avatars must be in good taste, which means no pornography or anything else people may find offensive. Use common sense, a number of our users browse this site from work.

    Do not share our .torrent files outside of this tracker - Feel free to share the content contained within the torrents but always create new .torrents for each site you upload to.

    Do not add additional URLs to the torrent file - Any torrent shared on this tracker may only use our tracker's URL. Adding additional URLs to your torrent is ill advised as it may report false stats to the tracker. Please avoid this for your own security.

    Asking for invites to any site is not allowed anywhere on D3siM or our Shoutbox. Trading and selling invites is strictly prohibited, as is offering them in public - this includes on any forum which is not a class-restricted section on an invitation-only torrent site.

    Trading, selling, sharing, or giving away your account is prohibited as well. PM a mod to disable you if you no longer want it.

    You're completely responsible for the people you invite. If your invitees are caught cheating or trading/selling invites, not only will they be banned, so will you. Be careful who you invite. Invites are a precious commodity.

    Be careful when sharing an IP or a computer with a friend if they have (or have had) an account. From then on your accounts will be inherently linked and if one of you violates the rules, both accounts will be disabled along with any other accounts linked by IP. This rule applies to logging into the site.

    Do not exploit bugs - Attempting to find or exploit a bug in the site code is the worst possible offense you can commit. We have automatic systems in place for monitoring these activities, and committing them will result in the banning of you, your inviter, and your inviter's entire invite tree.

    We're a community. Working together is what makes this place what it is. There are new torrents uploaded every day and sadly the staff aren't psychic. If you come across something which violates a rule, report it! Ignoring it is only damaging the community.Dont Miss you the report system!!

    Respect other sites - We respect other sites and their rules. Do not use our forums to violate their rules in anyway or proliferate gossip about them. Any complaint from other site owners or moderators about your activity here will be under review.

    Do not abuse account awards - This includes behavior such as rapid posting to get the chat awards, mass rating to get the movie rating award, and various request filling abuses.

    Dont request or abuse on chatbox : The shoutbox is not for requests! We have a special place for requests.

    Follow the rules - This one goes without saying. Breaking any of the site rules can result in a warning. Repeat offenses or warnings will result in further action being taken. For example, if you receive three warnings relating to your uploads you will lose your upload privileges.

    Uploading Rules

    >Before you even consider to upload, use the search tool and make sure the content is not already present on D3siM Torrents. If it has been uploaded previously - help seed!

     >Make every effort to verify that the release has not been nuked; e.g. undersized, Zip, etc.

     >If you cannot seed it - don't upload it! Once you upload a torrent you should seed it until at least 5 peers download it or for a minimum of 48 hours after the last snatch.

     >Make sure to choose the right category.

    >Each and every torrent should come with a poster. If IMDB does not provide a poster, you must upload one in JPEG format in the designated poster field (use Edit button after uploading the torrent!).

    >Do not tag your releases. Your name goes next to the upload anyway, there's no need to plaster it all over the place!

    >Do not advertise other sites in either your torrent descriptions or the contents of your torrent. We don't have any advertising, you shouldn't either.

    >Do not upload releases featuring visual watermarks. This does not include the channel logo on HDTV Releases.

    >Enclose at least 6 to 8 encode resolution pictures (png r Jpeg format).   Use thumbnails or forum images (little pictures that, when you press on them, will link to an encode resolution picture).

    >Use the original language of the movie.

    >Don't use archiving software (Winrar, Zip etc.).

    >If the upload torrent is not yours means give proper credits and the ask the permission of the group or ripper of that torrent.



    The description must contain at least the following data (when in doubt, please use Mediainfo to confer):
    Name, Format, Runtime
    Video properties: codec, bitrate, width, height, framerate
    Audio properties: codec, bitrate, channels, language(s)

    Note : Use this software to take information of your movie rips click here

    For Bluray Disc : Use this software click here BD INFO

    At least 6 to 8 full resolution .PNG or .Ipeg screenshots are mandatory. Do not post direct links to large images, use thumbnails or Forums with links to images uploaded to an image host of your choice.
    The IMDB link field needs to be filled! You can search for an appropriate link at IMBD

    If the torrent includes an .nfo file, upload it to the appropriate field


    The description must contain at least the following data (when in doubt, please use Mediainfo to confer):
    Country: (Artist)
    Duration: (hh:mm:ss)
    Source: CD, WEB-DL, etc.
    Codec: V0,FLAC tracks + .cue; FLAC image + .cue; FLAC tracks
    Bits per sample:
    Sample Rate:
    Average bitrate:
    Full Tracklisting:

    Note : Use this software to take the info of MUSIC rips click here MUSIC NFO BUILDER

    Torrent title naming convention:

    Do not alter any file names. You may only change the torrent title! If you change the original file names your torrent may be deleted.

    > Movies: Name Year Resolution Source A/V Codecs - Tag (Example: Avatar 2007 720p BluRay DTS x264-Team Name Or Ripper Name)

    > TV series: Name S#E# Resolution Source A/V Codecs - Tag (Example: Mahabharath S01E15 720p HDTV AC3 x264 - Team Name Or Ripper Name)

    > Music: Artist - Album Year CODEC - Tag (Example: Jai oh - 2014 FLAC tracks + .cue - Team Name Or Ripper Name)

    * DO NOT dump everything that's in the MediaInfo output - be selective and stick with the most important bits.

    Ratio Rules

    Ratio Rules

    Your ratio is the amount you've uploaded divided by the amount you've downloaded.

    Seed all torrents to 1:1 or you will receive a H&R warning. Currently H & R system is disabled.

    Access to the newest torrents is conditional on a good ratio! (See the FAQ for details.)

    Low ratios will result in severe consequences, including banning in extreme cases. Automatic class demotion to Peasant:

    Users with a ratio below .5 & who downloaded more than 1 GB for 1 week (7 days) will be warned to correct their ratio. Peasants will have 2 weeks to increase their ratio or their account will be deleted.

    You must have legal rights to the file you are downloading.

    To maintain leeching privileges, we require that you maintain a ratio above a minimum ratio(0.5). If your upload/download ratio goes below your minimum ratio, your account will be given a two week period to fix it before you lose your ability to download. This is called "ratio watch".

    The required ratio is NOT the extra amount of ratio you need to gain. It is the minimum required ratio you must maintain.


    Add your Custom Rules Here

    What if I can't find the answer to my problem here?
    Post in the Forums, by all means. You'll find they are usually a friendly and helpful place, provided you follow a few basic guidelines:

       Make sure your problem is not really in this FAQ. There's no point in posting just to be sent back here.
       Before posting, read the sticky topics (the ones at the top). Many times new information that still hasn't been incorporated in the FAQ can be found there.
       Help us in helping you. Do not just say "it doesn't work!". Provide details so that we don't have to guess or waste time asking. What client do you use? What's your OS? What's your network setup? What's the exact error message you get, if any? What are the torrents you are having problems with? The more you tell the easiest it will be for us, and the more probable your post will get a reply.
       And needless to say: be polite. Demanding help rarely works, asking for it usually does the trick.
    proxy Faq
    Basically a middleman. When you are browsing a site through a proxy your requests are sent to the proxy and the proxy forwards them to the site instead of you connecting directly to the site. There are several classifications (the terminology is far from standard):

    Transparent   A transparent proxy is one that needs no configuration on the clients. It works by automatically redirecting all port 80 traffic to the proxy. (Sometimes used as synonymous for non-anonymous.)
    Explicit/Voluntary   Clients must configure their browsers to use them.
    Anonymous   The proxy sends no client identification to the server. (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header is not sent; the server does not see your IP.)
    Highly Anonymous   The proxy sends no client nor proxy identification to the server. (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_VIA and HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION headers are not sent; the server doesn't see your IP and doesn't even know you're using a proxy.)
    Public   (Self explanatory)

    A transparent proxy may or may not be anonymous, and there are several levels of anonymity.

    Try ProxyJudge. It lists the HTTP headers that the server where it is running received from you. The relevant ones are HTTP_CLIENT_IP, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and REMOTE_ADDR.

    Add your Custom FAQ Here

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